Registering as an MTM Partner

Migros Exchange Equipment Management (MTM) is your main contacting point and contractual partner for reusable equipment such as plastic containers or pallets. MTM coordinates and administers the reusable equipment pool, arranges reusable equipment and ensures that it is always available in sufficient quantities. For deliveries to Migros or a company belonging to the Migros Group you require EUR pallets and depending on the product additional reusable equipment of Migros. Migros Marketing or Migros Logistics Operations will decide which reusable equipment type is used.


Acceptance criteria

If you wish to use reusable equipment as a Migros supplier, you will first need to conclude an MTM Partnership Agreement.  You can register for this online easily and conveniently. Please complete the designated form and select the reusable equipment which Migros Marketing or Migros Logistics Operations have assigned to you. Then click on the “send” button at the end of the form.  As soon as your registration has reached us, we shall send you the contract documents and further information.

If you use only EUR pallets for goods traffic with Migros, an MTM Partnership is not an absolute requirement.  However, Migros Companies can require you to conclude such a partnership for logistical reasons.  We therefore advise you to apply for it in any case. Please note the information provided on the page «EUR pallets» as well as the specifications on this page in the section «Reusable equipment types».

Costs and fees

The basic details concerning the fees are noted in the MTM Regulations (section on financial matters). In the following we have summarized the most important information for you:

  • A rental fee per item and day is charged for Migros reusable equipment. For the calculation of costs the daily closing inventory for the reusable equipment concerned in the TGIS is decisive (see section “TGIS” below on this page).
  • For each EUR pallet a procurement fee of CHF 0.35 shall be charged upon pick up.
  • Additional services such as cleaning of plastic containers or machine assortment of pallets shall be charged separately.
  • If you wish to procure washed containers at MTM, you will require a separate washing agreement; please contact MTM for this.
  • Orders for the following day that do not reach us by 7.00 a.m. will incur a surcharge of CHF 50.00 (emergency dispatch).
  • The transport costs shall be at the cost of the recipient.
  • MTM charges an annual administrative fee of CHF 80.00 for account management, operations, maintaining the master data list and administration.

Billing shall be on a monthly basis; the minimum amount for billing shall be CHF 50.00.

Reusable equipment types

In accordance with your product and area of deployment, Migros Marketing or Logistics Operations shall assign the right reusable equipment type.  In the document «reusable equipment types» you will find the correct type designations, article numbers and measurement details. Please note that you may use Migros reusable equipment only for goods traffic with Migros.

Reusable equipment information system TGIS

All MTM Partner holds an account in our web-based administrative software TGIS, for which they are responsible.  In TGIS the necessary reusable equipment may be ordered and all deliveries booked, including EUR pallets. Therefore, as an MTM Partner, you are not eligible for a 1:1 pallet exchange and no pallet vouchers may be issued.  For access to TGIS only a PC with internet connection is required. Details off technical requirements can be found in the section «IT requirements».

Registering as an MTM Partner

Here you can easily and conveniently register yourself online as an MTM Partner.