EUR pallets

Migros exclusively works with the open EUR/EPAL pallet pool; we cannot accept pallets from private pools. The EPAL exchange criteria serve as a Benchmark for EUR pallet quality and the exchange of EUR pallets. This means, for example, that the color of the pallets is not an exchange criterion.

According to the wood used, there can be light and dark versions of the exchange pallets. As a result, it is not possible to object to the color or exchange pallets for this reason


Tausch quality

Pallets of TAUSCH quality meet the Epal exchange criteria.

In general, this quality applies as the criterion for EUR pallet quality and the exchange of EUR pallets within the Migros community.

However, a few Migros companies have raised standards for EUR pallets due to their automated conveyors and high rack warehouses. Please read about these standards in the Migros Supplier Net , where you can also find much additional supplier information.


SORT quality

EUR pallets of the type SORT are mechanically inspected to check if the pallets meet the required dimensional accuracy and can be used in automated facilities. SORT pallets are available in Villmergen and Sulgen.

HYG quality

In line with Sort Quality, EUR pallets of the HYG type are also sorted optically according to brightness. The number of HYG pallets is so limited that we cannot guarantee their constant availability. HYG pallets are available only in Villmergen.

You can order EUR pallets of the higher Quality SORT or HYG types in the TGIS for an extra charge.

Current prices are shown in the price list for reusable equipment.


If you are a Migros supplier and MTM Partner and you have received damaged pallets from a Migros establishment and come to know this only at your own establishment, please consult the MTM regulations under item 8.1. The exact procedure is described there. Please note that you: Should not attempt to make any corrections in TGIS for defective pallets you have received!

Collection by truck

Please note that you may complain about defective pallet quality only on site at the ramp. The driver is obliged to inspect the quantity and quality of the pallets he receives – even in the case of full truck loads. Extremely dirty or incorrect pallets that do not correspond to EPAL exchange criteria can be exchanged individually or in batches. If the Migros Cooperative cannot replace the defective or incorrect pallets, it is required to record and sign off the corresponding quantity separately on the delivery slip. The driver can reclaim pallets for which a complaint has been raised but have not been exchanged by the Migros Cooperative; he will receive the same quantity of defective pallets as he delivered.

As soon as the driver has confirmed receipt of the pallets and signed the delivery slip, the quantity and quality shall be deemed to have been accepted. It is not possible to raise any complaints subsequently.

If no agreement can be reached concerning the quality of the pallets delivered, the case may be handed over to MTM for evaluation. Please document the matter at issue as precisely as possible, ideally by providing photos of the pallets in question, the place, time and contact person. The exact procedure to be followed in the event of a dispute is described in section 4.3. of our driver's manual Documentation reusable equipment handling for chauffeurs.

Delivery by train

In the case of train deliveries the recipient may report defective pallets to MTM within 24 hours, provided the recipient is neither a Migros establishment nor an MTM Partner. We shall then credit the non-exchangeable pallets to the recipient. If no pallets are objected to during this period, the delivery shall be deemed as accepted.

Pallet exchange with Migros

If pallets are not procured together with the product, a Migros supplier has three options to exchange EUR pallets with the Migros Group:

  • Reusable equipment information system TGIS (MTM Partnership)
  • 1:1 pallet exchange (not possible for MTM Partners)
  • Pallet voucher (not possible for MTM Partners)

MTM partnership

Advantages of an MTM Partnership

Account management on the TGIS online platform

  • No additional administrative cost for the supplier
  • High level of transparency thanks to common data platform
  • No expiry of the pallet credit balance

Easy data transmission

  • Via internet, without additional software
  • No fax, telephone or letters

1:1 exchange does not apply

  • More efficient transport utilization
  • Pallet procurement in full truck loads from preferred pick up location
  • Different qualities selectable
  • No additional charge for loading support tools

Costs of an MTM Partnership

Administrative fees

  • Basic flat rate of CHF 80.00 ­ per annum for master data maintenance
  • Rental fee of CHF 0.35 per pallet procured

Booking costs

Account and bookings must be properly managed.

1:1 pallet exchange (not possible for MTM Partners)

The direct exchange (1:1 exchange) of EUR pallets is possible in the case of one of the 10 Migros Cooperatives. You can exchange the EUR pallets delivered by you for exchangeable EUR pallets in accordance with EPAL exchange criteria. If you deliver non-exchangeable pallets, no pallet exchange is possible. At Migros Logistics Operations Centers (MVS Suhr, MVN Neuendorf, MVV Volketswil) pallet exchange is not possible.

Pallet vouchers (not possible for MTM Partners)

In case no direct pallet exchange is possible, pallet vouchers shall be issued to you at the respective recipient locations of the Migros Group, in particular at Migros Logistics Operations Centers (MVS Suhr, MVN Neuendorf, MVV Volketswil). You can redeem these at any one of the 10 Cooperatives against exchangeable EUR pallets according to EPAL. If you deliver non-exchangeable pallets, these shall not be recorded on the pallet voucher.

In case you wish to pick up more than 34 EUR pallets at a time, please report this to MTM at least two working days in advance. At the Migros Logistics Operations (MVS, MVN, MVV) pallet vouchers cannot be redeemed. 

IMPORTANT: Pallet vouchers are valid for six months from the day of issue. Expired pallet vouchers are no longer valid and cannot be redeemed at a later point in time.


Unless agreed otherwise in the contract, all goods which are destined for companies belonging to the Migros Group must be delivered on EUR exchange pallets. Individual establishments have higher requirements for the EUR pallets. These are noted in the delivery requirements available on the Migros Supplier Net along with various other supplier-related information.

Delivery to the Cooperatives

Visual pallet control

To ensure seamless transport and secure handling, it is important that the EUR pallets remain in an immaculate condition. Very often this is not the case. Too many non-exchangeable pallets get into circulation in the Migros Group. This negatively impacts the entire quality of the pallet pool and causes unnecessary costs for inconveniences, repairs and new acquisitions. As the Migros Group is not prepared to bear these costs on its own, it has decided to step up visual pallet control for incoming goods at the Operation Centers of the Cooperatives.

During receipt of goods at the Operation Centers random tests are made to inspect whether the pallets delivered are in accordance with EPAL exchange criteria. If this is not the case, we are required to note this on the reusable equipment delivery slip and to charge you CHF 25.00 per defective pallet delivered. We cannot credit the defective pallets to you in TGIS. However, you have the right to take the same quantity of defective pallets back with you on the same day. If you opt not to do this, the Operation Center will send the defective pallets to a repair facility or dispose of them.

Delivery to Logistics Operations Centers

Migros Distribution Center Neuendorf (MVN)

At the MVN the quality of the pallets is inspected during the process of receiving goods. In the case of objections fees are charged. You can obtain further information on this directly from  the Migros Distribution Center Neuendorf.

Migros Distribution Center Suhr (MVS)

During receipt of goods at the MVS the quality of pallets is automatically checked. In the case of objections fees are charged. You obtain further information directly from the Migros Distribution Center Suhr.


For delivery of EUR pallets to companies belonging to M-Industry the EPAL exchange criteria apply. However, depending on establishment, higher standards may apply  due to automated facilities. Please refer to the Migros Supplier Net or the respective establishment for the applicable supply terms.