General information

As an MTM Partner you can find all important information on this page concerning seamless processing of your reusable equipment orders.

MTM regulations

Duties, responsibilities, competences and framework conditions of an MTM Partnership. 

Types of exchange equipment

Types of exchange equipment

All reusable equipment with type label, measurements and article number at a glance.

Rental fees

All rental fees per reusable equipment type including all additional costs for washing, sorting, transport and administration in the form of an easy-to-view chart.

Rental fees MTM 2021

Explanatory notes on MTM invoices

Explanatory notes on MTM invoices

MTM Manual for Drivers

Everything a driver needs to know: Rights & Duties, Pallet exchange and Handling, Opening hours and contact.

MTM Manual for Drivers

TGIS failure

In case our website or the TGIS information system should fail for an extende period of time, you can also process your order by email or telephone in an emergency.

TGIS training system

If you are a new MTM Partner or new to TGIS, you can practice using the TGIS tutorial and familiarize yourself with the System.


Are you unsure about a term or name concerning reusable equipment management?  No problem.  Our glossary will clarify it for you.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions regarding MTM or the reusable equipment?  Give us a call or have a look at our replies to frequently asked questions.

Important information 

Tasks and duties of an Exchange Equipment Officer (TGV)

Information concerning the cleanliness standards of Migros reusable Equipment

MTM Info - Pallet frames and covers in the Migros - February 2017 (German)

MTM Info - Clips on exchange equipment - September 2016 (German)

MTM Info - Plastic packagings Guideline - April 2016 (German)

MTM Info - 1/2 Migros-GK in the Migros - March 2016 (German)

MTM Info - Dollies and Rollies in the Migros - August 2015 (German)

MTM Info - Information on the open EUR pallet pool - May 2013 (German)

MTM News

Public holiday calendar

Here you can find out on which public holidays you will be unable to obtain or return reusable equipment in the regional Cooperatives. 

Training for MTM Partners

Migros Reusable Equipment Management conducts training on various topics each year.  You can find out more about this on the page "Training courses and dates".