Here you will find more than twenty questions which our Partners or other interested individuals have asked us repeatedly.  We have endeavored to respond to these as fully as possible. However, if you still have questions, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you in person.

Questions about bookings in TGIS

What do I do if I receive Migros reusable equipment that has not been recorded in TGIS?

Depending on whether you have opened the reusable equipment in your TGIS account or not, you have various options:

Reusable equipment opened:

  • If the sender is known and is an MTM Partner, please ask them to catch up on the order.
  • If this is not possible, please contact MTM.

Reusable equipment not opened:

Please contact the Cooperative responsible and in consultation with them arrange that the reusable equipment in question is returned.

How can I obtain a corrective booking?

You can obtain the corrective booking in two ways. For both options please open the function “Account transactions”:

Enter the date and the reusable equipment type and click on the “search” box. Then the bookings of the respective day appear.

Either enter the booking number or the delivery number.  Thereafter the respective bookings appear.

If binoculars appear in the “Correction” box, in both cases this means that the booking has been corrected.

How do I register an exit booking?

Go to the “Bookings” function and select “New bookings”.  Under booking type select “outgoing”. Now you have the option of selecting the contra-account. After this you can enter the quantity for the respective reusable equipment and add remarks according to your requirement. After you have entered everything, click “book” on the lower right hand side of the page.

What should I do if no delivery slip is produced after an exit booking?

Please first check if a Popup Blocker has been installed on your PC.  If yes, in your Internet browser select the setting “Always allow Popups for this page”. After this you can access the booking again under “account movements (transactions)”and select the respective number in the column “Delivery slip”. The delivery slip should now be visible. If the problem is not with the Popup-Blocker, please contact MTM Infoline at +41 58 570 34 88.

What should I do if I have made a wrong booking?

In case of a wrong booking, please inform the recipient immediately so that they can correct this. If possible, a corrective booking should be done on the same day and be manually confirmed by the sender. If a corrective booking is not confirmed manually, a confirmation will follow automatically after seven days. However, in this case, the corrective booking will already have incrurred costs the sender.

Questions about EUR pallets

Is there just one type of EUR pallet?

No. In Addition to the standard TAUSCH Quality, you can also order the SORT and HYG qualities for a surcharge. Pallets of the SORT type have been machine sorted and are suitable for use on automated facilities. Pallets of the HYG standard have been additionally sorted according to brightness. You may find further information about this in the section «EUR pallets» on this website.


While picking up the ordered EUR pallets we noticed that there are defective pallets among them. How do we proceed?

It is principally your responsibility to control the quality of the pallets during pick up.  If you notice that individual pallets are defective, you can request their replacement. In this case, the EPAL exchange criteria apply; In accordance with these, minor damages to the pallets are acceptable while the brightness or dimensional stability (permissible deviation from the defined measurement) are not a criteria. As soon as you have signed the delivery slip, the quality of the pallets is deemed to have been as accepted.  After this you do not have the possibility of objecting to any possible defects.

Can I repair the EUR pallets myself?

No, for reasons of operational safety  only certified repairers may do so. A list of authorized repairers can be found on the website of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL), the association of licensed producers and repairers of EPAL/EUR pallets and box pallets.

How much does a new EUR pallet cost?

Market prices vary. The decisive factor is the quantity and quality required. As the price is very volatile we cannot give any indications. We recommend that you obtain an offer from an EPAL certified producer. You can find detailed information on the EPAL website.

Can I purchase MTM reusable equipment or pallets of the

No. We do not sell any reusable equipment. Defective containers are used for producing new containers. Pallets of the “TAUSCH" quality can only be bought if the desired quantity exceeds 5,000 pallets and the pallets are available.


Questions about availability and delivery

Until when can I order containers and pallets?

For the next day the order must arrive by morning 7 a.m. After this only emergency orders are possible; for these we have to charge a surcharge of CHF 50.00 to you for the additional inconvenience.


On which days are the most containers available?

The most containers are available on Saturdays and Mondays.


How can I know whether I will really obtain the reusable equipment ordered in TGIS at the desired location?

After completion of MTM dispatch at approx. 12.00 a.m. all partners that have placed an order in the TGIS for the following day will receive an e-mail with the subject line“-MTM dispatch completed“ and the following text: 

“Ladies and gentlemen – MTM Dispatch for date: xx.xx.xxxx is complete.“ 

Receipt of this e-mail means that your order is being processed and, wherever possible, being arranged in accordance with your requirements. As the sender you can now view the sender list (reservations, pre-entered bookings, dispatch outgoing). As the recipient you can now view the recipient list (reservations, pre-entered bookings, disposition outgoing) and commission those transports which you are responsible for as the recipient.

You can find the exact information details concerning the quantity arranged and the pick up location in the TGIS; for this please proceed as follows:

  • Select the function “Reservation”
  • After this the reservation function “Pre-booked reservations”
  • After this the booking type “Dispatch incoming”

If you do not find an entry on the “Dispatch incoming” screen, it means your order has not been processed. In this case please contact MTM Dispo in good time at +41 58 571 31 13.

Why can MTM not guarantee the order quantity even for early orders?

We can only match the offered and demanded quantities of reusable equipment on the dispatch day. Before this it is not possible at the operational centers to make a commitment concerning the response rates, as these are directly dependent on the quantities sold at the outlets.


Questions about account balance and costs?

Why do I have to pay an annual fee of CHF 80.00 for TGIS?

For account maintenance, operation, maintenance of the master data list and the administration of TGIS we incur expenses which we cover by means of this fee.

What is the CHF 0.35 fee for EUR pallets for?

We charge this receipt fee to you for controlling, sorting and making the pallets ready in the Cooperative as well as for administrative expenses.

Do I also need to pay the receipt fee if I order pallets in SORT or HYG quality?

Yes, CHF 0.35 will definitely be charged to you in any case. The adjusted price for higher qualities merely covers additional efforts for sorting. 

How is the quantity of reusable equipment defined on the MTM invoice?

The quantity listed on the invoice comprises the sum total of all daily stocks during the respective month.

What should I do if my account shows a negative stock of pallets?

In contrast to other reusable equipment, it is possible that your TGIS account shows a negative stock of EUR pallets. This corresponds to your credit of pallets. Your credit of pallets should not exceed the total number of pallets that have been delivered to you within one month.

Why are minus stocks charged to me?

Minus stocks can come about if you possess more reusable equipment than your balance shows. As a result, this charge is not a Penalty, but rather a subsequent Charge. This can be caused by wrong bookings (duplications, mix-ups). If you notice such minus stocks, we would ask you to find out the reason immediately and adjust the stock accordingly.

What is charged to me in the event of a loss of reusable equipment?

In the event of loss of reusable equipment we will charge the current replacement value to you. Prices may vary according to the market situation.


We no longer have all signed TGIS delivery slips for our EUR pallets. How can we get them back anyway?

In this case the signed delivery slips are not crucial but rather the balance in your TGIS account.  If the EUR pallets are recorded there you can order them via the GIS and pick them up at the Cooperative concerned.

Questions concerning technical requirements

What kind of infrastructure do I require to work with the TGIS?

Basically you just need a PC with an Internet connection. You can find out about which operating systems and which settings you require in your browser in the section on «IT requirements» on this website.

Why can the e-mail regarding completion of the daily MTM dispatch not be sent to two e-mail addresses?

For technical reasons, only a single e-mail address can be entered in the TGIS.

You ask, we respond

In case you have further questions or are not sure how to proceed with our reusable equipment information system TGIS, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our specialists will provide you with competent advice.