Close cooperation

We provide our services in close cooperation with different transport partners. For road transport we can draw on a large network of small to medium-sized transport Partners, alongside our own Migros fleet of vehicles for the Cooperatives.

Many of our carriers have been working with Migros for decades. The most important factors for us in this cooperation are safety and reliability. We promote fair working conditions and attach great importance to delivering high-quality transport services. We build on the foundation of a modern vehicle fleet low in emissions. We transport our own swap containers as well as the semi-trailers of our transport partners that can be handled by crane, in close cooperation with SBB Cargo, using combined transport (CT).

Combined Transport

The payment model

The kilometer and hour payment model (km/h model) of Migros is a performance-based calculation model for the compensation of transport services that our transport partners have provided for our partial and full truck loads. The billing of the distance and driving time is based on the distance schedule of the Swiss Road Transport Association (ASTAG).

  • Permanent partners who are on the road exclusively on behalf of Migros are paid for all kilometers driven (including empty runs). 
  • Backlog partners who only carry out jobs for Migros occasionally are compensated for the transport distances covered plus an empty run additional fee. 

We give our transport partners a fair payment for their services. The payment of the drivers which is taken into account in the calculation is appropriate for the Swiss living costs. We consider wage dumping to be anti-social and unsustainable, although this is sometimes found in EU countries and, unfortunately, to some extent in Switzerland.


Information for transport partners

Here you can find the documents that you will need as a transport partner of FMC Logistics Transport: