Conventional rail transport

As the largest customer of SBB Cargo, Migros has sufficient transport capacity not only in Switzerland but also in cross-border traffic – even for temperature-sensitive goods. For all road transport, we always first check the available alternatives by rail. Even if your supplier does not have its own railway connection, there is still a possible solution. Today in many European countries there is the option to transship the goods onto the railway near the production site, and transport these on efficiently and cost-effectively from there. We advise you on selecting appropriate rail cars, as well as how to tie down the load, and clarify with the distribution center in advance whether the rail cars can be reloaded and used for other shipments after unloading.

Revival of the trans-Siberian route

As an alternative to air freight and combined sea and air transport, the revived trans-Siberian route is available for time-critical shipments from China – particularly for large quantities that only become available when it is too late for transporting by ship. The 11,000 km long railway line from Suzhou, through Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany, to Neuendorf is fast and reliable. The transport time is only half as long as that by sea. So a shipment from Shanghai to Neuendorf takes less than 21 days in total. And this at a price that is about two-thirds cheaper than by air freight or sea-air.


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