Working together for Switzerland as a land of efficient transport

FMC Logistics Transport is actively involved in designing the traffic landscape of Switzerland, and ensures that the transport sector has a voice in the political arena. Together with strong partners who share common interests in wider transport issues, Migros takes an active role in associations and organizations such as the following:


The Swiss Road Transport Association ASTAG represents and promotes the interests and concerns of road transport and the transport industry in the political opinion-forming process. Its core concerns are transport safety, the environment, social and economic compatibility, and a liberal transportation policy.

Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC)

FMC Logistics Transport participates in regular "round table" meetings with the departmental managers, and maintains direct contact with the Swiss Federal Offices for Spatial Development (ARE), Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), Federal Office of Transport (FOT) and Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). 


espace.mobilité is the interest group of leading Swiss retailers for environmental, land use and transport policies. Although its members are competitors in the market, they are partners when it comes to basic issues of land use planning, environmental protection, mobility and building regulations.

GS1 Switzerland

GS1 Switzerland is the center of competence for sustainable value creation based on optimized material and information flows. The trade association, which has some 5,000 member companies, maintains a network of stakeholders, promotes collaboration, and provides expertise in value creation networks.

Interessengemeinschaft Detailhandel Schweiz (Retail Trade Association of Switzerland)

The Retail Trade Association of Switzerland  (IG DHS) was founded in 2006 by the leading Swiss retailers Migros, Coop, Manor and Denner to represent their common interests in the political opinion-forming process and make them known to the public. FMC Logistics Transport is involved in supporting the freight transport working group.

Swiss Shippers’ Council

The Swiss Shippers' Council (SSC) is the shippers' organization in Switzerland and the only neutral/independent organization for freight transport. It represents the shippers' interests in regard to politics, administration, transport companies and the public, and seeks holistic solutions for all transportation-related issues and problems within the logistics chain.

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