Transport planning and dispatch

A team of around twenty transport planners endeavor every day from early in the morning till late at night to find the right vehicle at the right time, and direct it to the correct loading point. With the help of computer-based route planning, they succeed in efficiently processing all the orders on time, day after day.

With GPS on the right track

The computer-based Camion Dispatch and Information System (CADIS) sends all transport orders directly to the driver's cabin, provides information on short-term changes, and suggests the optimal choice of route. Thanks to GPS the planners always know where a vehicle is located and can monitor the exact arrival and departure times. This information helps to precisely coordinate transport flows and avoid empty runs as much as possible.

600 destinations, 2,000 orders, 16,000 pallets

Our planners put together an optimal transport schedule using CADIS and organize the required vehicles. This enables us to cover around 600 destinations throughout Switzerland, process more than 2,000 transport jobs, and move an average of 16,000 pallets each day. The Swiss-wide coverage of our transportation allows us to combine distribution shipments with subsequent procurement shipments and achieve a high utilization of touring capacity. We deliver your goods within the agreed time-frame. If this is not possible at any point, we will promptly inform the recipient of the goods and the Sender so that they can plan the work of their staff at the ramp and we clarify the situation with the driver.


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