Pallet vouchers

Pallet vouchers are used if no direct exchange (1:1 exchange) of EUR pallets is possible. Please take into account that pallet vouchers are only given to suppliers who have not entered into a partnership with Migros Exchange Equipment Management. For MTM Partners neither 1:1 exchange nor pallet vouchers are permitted.

Please also note the following in relation to issuing or redeeming pallet vouchers:

Issuing pallet vouchers

  • Have your pallet voucher issued exclusively for exchange-enabled EUR pallets.
  • The white original of the pallet voucher remains with the issuer. The yellow copy is given to the driver.
  • Book the pallet vouchers in the TGIS as incoming and add the pallet voucher number to this in Reference 1.     

PDF example of a pallet voucher

Redeeming pallet vouchers

  • Pallet vouchers can be redeemed from all Migros Cooperatives.
  • Inform MTM Dispatch at least two days in advance if you wish to redeem a pallet voucher.
  • Pallets are delivered only in exchange for the original yellow voucher.
  • Reserved pallets which are not picked up on the day of reservation will be forfeited.

Pallet vouchers which are not redeemed within the period of validity will expire.

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