Our services at a glance

From piece goods to complete loads

Small or big, we transport (nearly) every packaged item which is suitable for transport, on all the available load carriers. Complete or partial truck loads are normally delivered to the recipient on the same day, deliveries of piece goods are mostly delivered a day after they are collected by our drivers.

Chilled and frozen

We transport food and perishable goods using refrigerated vehicles in an uninterrupted supply chain. We differentiate between temperature-controlled transport for fresh produce with temperatures from 0 to 5°C and frozen goods at a constant freezing temperature of -25°C.

Around the clock

Our offered capacity is available 365 days a year. We are there for our customers seven days a week, around the clock.

Whole of Switzerland

Thanks to our broad network of transport partners in the whole of Switzerland we can provide sufficient transport capacities at any time. Our transport services are available to the Migros Group as well to third-parties.

Road and rail

Our widespread capacity offer covers the Swiss road and railway network. With more than a million metric tonnes of transported goods and nearly 11.5 million kilometers covered per year, Migros is number one among the retailers in rail freight transport and the biggest client of SBB Cargo. We also have extensive experience in developing and managing combined transport solutions.



Among our customers are the Migros distribution centers, most of the production facilities and retailing companies of the Migros Group, and a number of other companies throughout Switzerland. 

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