This is where you find answers to frequently asked questions from our partners or other interested parties. To avoid a potentially time-consuming search, we have provided the answers to a selection of questions. If your questions are not answered here, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to personally assist you.

General questions

Does FMC Logistics Transport also provide transportation services for non-Migros customers?

Yes. For ecological and economic reasons, we endeavor to make optimal use of our vehicles. Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to provide transportation in a reliable and cost-optimized manner. Being part of Migros offers further synergy potential, as we are building on a solid foundation and can offer you attractive rates thanks to combination options.

Is Logistics Transport National able to transport all types of goods?

In principle, yes. We transport all food and non-food goods on pallets at temperatures of between -25°C and +25°C, from frozen products, fresh meat, vegetables and dairy products to clothing, furniture and electronics.

Does Logistics Transport National have its own vehicle fleet?

No. We have, however, external shipping partners with a total of about 350 vehicles under contract. In some cases, we are now working with the second and third generations. This enables us to offer nationwide transport service around the clock and throughout the year. 

What is the quickest way to obtain information from Logistics Transport National?

Under "Contacts at FMC Logistics Transport National", you can find the appropriate contact person for any transport concern, from scheduling, transport planning, order processing, customer service, and sales to billing and payment.

I would like to work as a carrier for Logistics Transport National. Whom should I contact?

Although many of our transport partners have worked for Migros for decades, we are always interested in new partnerships. Please send us your information by e-mail to . We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Questions about the network

Which geographic area does Logistics Transport National cover?

We deliver throughout Switzerland and to some border locations by road through our national transport partners and by rail with SBB Cargo. For greater distances abroad, we offer customized solutions together with Logistics Transport International.

Where are the transport partners of Logistics Transport National located?

The transport partners of FMC Logistics Transport are distributed all over Switzerland. This allows us to be close to our customers and to use drivers with local knowledge and competence in the relevant languages. In addition, we are flexible with pick-up and delivery times and are able to avoid long routes and, thus, kilometers driven with an empty vehicle.

Does Logistics Transport National also provide combined transport (CT)?

Yes. In close cooperation with SBB Cargo, we operate a dense combined transport network (road and rail), which enables us to offer customized solutions for all regions of Switzerland.

Questions about costs

How does Logistics Transport National calculate its transport rates?

Our transport rates are based on effective costs and depend on various factors such as distance, transport volumes, freight weight, deadline and number of stops. Please send an e-mail with the relevant information to . We will be happy to provide a personalized quote.

How high is the current fuel surcharge and how is it calculated?

Since 2008, FMC Logistics Transport has granted its transport partners a diesel fuel surcharge in addition to the agreed transport rates. This surcharge is indexed and is based on price changes in the fuel market. Any resulting increases or reductions costs are credited or charged to the customer by FMC Logistics Transport on a one-to-one basis. The current fuel surcharge can be found in the Diesel fuel surcharge section of this website.

What is the distance-based Heavy Vehicle Charche (HVC) and how is this calculated?

The distance-based Heavy Vehicle Charge (HVC) applies to all Swiss and foreign vehicles that have a total weight of more than 3.5 metric tonnes. The amount is calculated according to the following three criteria:

  • Distance traveled in Switzerland
  • Permitted total weight of the vehicle
  • Vehicle emissions (Euro category) 

You can find the currently applicable HVC rates on the website of the Swiss Customs Administration.

As a transport partner, how do I get paid?

As a transport partner of FMC Logistics Transport, you undertake to use the mobile app to reconfirm in simple terms the effective pallet quantities (floor space) for every loading/unloading operation in our systems. You are required to obtain digital signatures from both sender and recipient to confirm the pallet quantities. The reported quantities constitute the basis for calculating the rates and monthly credit amounts that we offset to your account in the middle of the following month along with a detailed description. You therefore do not need to issue any invoice. Further information can be obtained directly from the Billing and Payments department.

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