Covering the whole of Switzerland

We will get out on the road for you at any time. And now ever-more frequently onto the railway tracks. With well-conceived and sometimes rather surprising transport solutions which we tailor to your individual needs. Our core business is transportation of complete loads and partial loads in the food and non-food sector. In Addition, we provide the following modular services:

  • Consulting in all matters relating to transport logistics
  • Concepts and strategies for comprehensive transport solutions
  • Planning, dispatch and operational implementation of shipments
  • Billing and payments for the transport service
  • Booking railway capacity
  • Controlling

Throughout Switzerland we reach more than 600 destinations every day for production facilities and distribution centers of Migros as well as for suppliers and wholesalers. No matter whether it is about procurement transport or distribution transport, full truck loads or deliveries of piece goods.

We always choose the optimal transport route and whenever possible avoid any empty runs for the sake of your wallet and the environment. We cover short distances on the road and longer distances increasingly via combined transport by train. Around 350 trucks are on the road every day on behalf of FMC Logistics Transport. According to demand we complement our base fleet with additional vehicles from different transport partners which we can mobilize during peak periods – i.e. for campaigns or on public holidays – within the shortest possible time.

Combined transport

Traffic jams during rush hour have unfortunately become a daily affair. Getting stuck in traffic is not only annoying but also undermines profitability and harms the environment. In order to ensure that we consistently and reliably transport the goods entrusted to us on time, FMC Logistics Transport uses relies combined Transport (CT) whenever possible. This allows our vehicles to comfortably bypass the weak points in road traffic by taking to the railway. Afterwards the goods are smoothly distributed on time by truck. The advantages are obvious:

  • Traffic-free transport day and night
  • No ban on driving at night for trains
  • Delivery times at the recipient can be planned
  • Two means of transport which complement each other and can be flexibly used depending on the traffic conditions and demand
  • Reducing the strain on the road network
  • More environmentally friendly thanks to lower exhaust emissions
  • More competitive terms compared to road Transport alone
  • Truck drivers with local knowledge of the language and area

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Frequently asked questions

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Migrol card: Special offer for LT transport partners
As a transport partner of FMC Logistics Transport, Migrol is making a special offer to you: use the Migrol card to take advantage of special fuel prices (gasoline and diesel) at all Migrol and Shell filling stations with a Migrolino shop. Moreover, there are no annual fees or invoicing charges. Contact Marc Furrer today (, 044 495 13 04), who will be happy to assist you.