Migros Exchange Equipment Management

Migros Exchange Equipment Management (MTM) centrally manages a comprehensive reusable equipment pool for the Migros Group and its suppliers. The pool is centrally equipped with reusable plastic containers of different sizes that can be utilized differently, supplemented with additional loading tools for each purpose and use, which are applied throughout the Migros supply chain. This includes plastic and EUR pallets, folding boxes and folding frames and M-Tainers, but also, for instance, large wooden boxes for attractive presentation of goods at the outlets. 

 MTM provides the following Services in relation to this pool:

  • Daily dispatch of all available reusable equipment
  • Procuring and maintaining the reusable equipment
  • New and further development of charge carriers
  • Quality control
  • Administration

As a partner of Migros you can ensure seamless collaboration, by entering into 
partnership with MTM  and using the right reusable equipment in interaction with the Migros Group – Cooperatives, Operations Centers and Distribution Centers.

Good to know: Thanks to reusable containers 75,000 metric tonnes of cardboard can be saved annually. 


Our goals


  • Central inventory management
  • MTM plans, directs, manages and supervises the stock of reusable equipment
  • Shared database 


  • Time-dependent rental fees
  • Each partner pays a rental fee per stock and day
  • Consignee pays for additional services


  • Increased stock rotation means lower procurement quantity
  • Central, plannable procurement reduces the purchase price

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