Companies of the Migros Group

DFW   Deep-Freeze Warehouse Neuendorf, Neuendorf
FMC   Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Globus   Unless defined otherwise, stands for all companies of the Globus Group: Globus, Herren-Globus, Interio AG and Office World AG
LTI   FMC Logistics Transport, International
LTN   FMC Logistics Transport, National
M-Community   All businesses consolidated in Migros
M-Ind   Migros Industry companies
MTM   Migros Reusable Equipment Management
MDN   Migros Distribution Center, Neuendorf
MDS   Migros Distribution Center Suhr, Suhr
MDV   Migros Distribution Service Neuendorf, Volketswil warehouse, Volketswil

National and international agencies


Swiss Road Transport Association

DETEC   Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications
EPAL   European Pallet Association e.V., umbrella organization of licensed producers and repairers of EPAL/EUR pallets and pallet cages
FCA   Federal Customs Administration
FEDRO   Federal Roads Office
ICC   International Chamber of Commerce, Paris (responsible, among other things, for defining Incoterms
SAC   Swiss Shippers' Council; Swiss freight transport organization

General terms and designations

Carrier   Shipping company or airline
CU   Consumer Unit
EUR pallets   International pallet standard according to the European Pallet Association (EPAL)
Food/Non-food   Indicates the transported content or the type of transport
Freight forwarder   Executor of the transport order
Frozen goods   Transport at a constant freezing temperature of -25°C
General cargo   Transport goods that can be transported individually
LU   Load Unit
RFID   Radio Frequency Identification
Shipper   Originator of transport
Temperature-controlled   Transport with a constant controlled temperature between -25°C and +25°C
TEU   Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit = international container measure: 1 TEU = 1 20-foot ISO container
TU   Transport Unit
Track & Trace   Real-time shipment tracking in MTWEB of Logistics Transport

International transport

20-foot standard container   Approx. 28 m3 (at least 25 m3) of contents
40-foot standard container   Approx. 58 m3 (at least 50 m3) of contents
40-foot high cube container   Approx. 67 m3 (at least 63 m3) of contents
CC   Customs consignee that is authorized for import customs clearance at all Swiss border crossings and sites
Certificate of Origin   Certificate of Origin
Consolidated container   Shipments in containers, which do not fill the container completely (general cargo)
Cross-docking   Goods are pre-packed by supplier or sender; delivered items are not stored but sent directly to their destination

Customs account in the centralized settlement procedure of the Swiss Customs Administration

Customs team  

Customs team of FMC Logistics Transport


International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System; basis for customs tariffs worldwide


International Commercial Terms; delivery terms for the international trade of goods, which essentially regulate the manner of goods delivery "Seller's obligations"

MTWEB   Internet platform for the processing of transport orders, communication and shipment tracing via Track & Trace
OCW   Open customs warehouses; warehouses within the Swiss customs territory in which warehouse operators (importers, carriers, transit agents, freight forwarders, etc.) can store their own or third-party foreign goods with unpaid duty
Processing traffic   Customs procedure, whereby intermediate or raw products are exported from an economic area, further processed ("refined") abroad and subsequently re-imported into the original economic area
Sea-air   Combined transport by aircraft or ship
Southern ports   La Spezia and Genoa
Tares   Swiss customs tariffs (tares)

National transport

Backlog partners   Transport partners that perform Migros orders only occasionally
CADIS   Computer-based Camion Dispatch and Information System that sends all transport orders to the driver's cabin, provides information on short-term changes, and suggests the optimal choice of route.
Complete load   Load that completely fills a container, truck, rail car or interchangeable container
CT   Combined transport rail/road
Diesel surcharge   Surcharge granted to transport partners in addition to agreed-upon transport charges
Fixed partners   Transport partners that are on the road exclusively on behalf of Migros
General cargo shipments   Shipments of individual product units
HVC   Distance-based Heavy Vehicle Charge for all Swiss and foreign vehicles that have a total weight of more than 3.5 metric tonnes.
Partial load   Load that does not fill a container, truck, rail car or interchangeable container

Migros Exchange equipment (MTM)

ACC   FMC accounting
AQ   Available quantity
ASP   Application Service Provider; here: MTM system partner
Availability date   Date of availability of a given quantity
Available quantities   Reusable equipment of a certain quality available to MTM at an MTM partner
Button   TGIS buttons that trigger certain functions
CIS online   SBB's Cargo Information System

Commission Logistics Systems

Daily rent   Rental fee per day and reusable equipment type
Dispatch list   List of all outgoing dispatches
DU   Dispatch unit
Fixdispo   Pre-entered data that are read into auto scheduling
Hack   Shorthand for the quality of reusable equipment (no longer repairable)
Hand-DS Migros   Manual reusable equipment delivery slip (standard delivery slip defined by Migros for MTM Partners)
HYG   Abbreviation for reusable equipment quality "hygienically sorted, light"
LSP   Logistics Service Provider for Migros
MC   Migros Cooperative
M-Logistics folder   The M-Logistics folder defines standards for the physical and information flow of goods; the M-Logistics folder is managed by FMC/MES
Movement   Transfer of reusable equipment from consignor to consignee
MTM Partner  

Contractually bound partner of MTM in the following groups:
- Migros Cooperatives
- M-Industry companies and logistics service providers
- Service providers for repairs, sorting, production
- Third parties - customers of the M-companies

«O»   Order
Partner type   See under MTM partner

Term for plastic pallets, which can be specified when ordering, in order to receive the reusable equipment on plastic floor pallets

QM   Quality management
Quota   Temporary right of use of a certain number of reusable equipment items
RE   Reusable equipment
RE consignee   Consignee of reusable equipment
RE consignor   Consignor of reusable equipment
RE delivery slip (RE-DS)   Reusable equipment delivery slip from TGIS
RE inward   Reusable equipment received by consignee
REO   Reusable equipment officer of an MTM partner
RE outward   Reusable equipment sent by consignor
rep   Abbreviation for reusable equipment quality "to be repaired"
RE quality   Term for the condition of reusable equipment (reusable, rep, hack, sort, hyg)
Reusable equipment type    Indicates reusable equipment listed in TGIS
reuse   Abbreviated term indicating reusable quality for reusable equipment (standard quality)
SORT   Abbreviation for reusable equipment quality "mechanically sorted"
Stock   Quantity of reusable equipment available at an MTM Partner at a given time
TGIS   Reusable Equipment Information System; central IT system for MTM (stock management and dispatching)
TGIS billing   Central IT system for MTM (billing)
Third parties   All contractually bound MTM Partners that are not members of the M-Community
TO   Transport order
Transportation means   Term for the type of transportation used for reusable equipment: rail, road or "none" (internal movements)
User role   Grouping of similar users (functions, authorizations, tasks, etc.)

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