Goodbye to cross-border tailbacks!

Thanks to a new customs clearance solution, the notorious cross-border tailbacks can be avoided and valuable transportation time gained. This has been achieved by transferring customs clearance to a location away from the border with the status of an officially approved site.

New app opens up new perspectives

Communication has progressed substantially over the past few years, at least from a technical viewpoint. Fortunately, this progress also benefits the transport industry and has resulted in significant improvements, particularly as regards communication between schedulers and drivers. The most recent development is a mobile app. This will replace the "CADIS Mobile" telematics system, which has reached the end of its life cycle.

From RFID to a dynamic lifting module

"Anyone who continues to do today what he did yesterday will be tomorrow what he is today." This statement from Nils Goltermann, Chairman of the German Committee for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, is of fundamental significance for Migros Reusable Equipment Management. Only innovative solutions and original concepts can give us an edge over our competitors both now and in the future.

New website

Our new mobile-friendly website,, has been online since the end of 2015. Because it is optimized for mobile devices, the site is an attractive, user-friendly one-stop shop for all Migros transport logistics needs.

A day in the working life of Brigitte Brem-Kleiner

Brigitte Brem-Kleiner is a bit of a later riser, given that she "only" starts her day at 11.30 p.m. She and her three colleagues work on vehicle routing all through the night. She gets off work just as some of us start thinking about lunch. Brigitte Brem-Kleiner is going to tell to you why she does not mind working at night and what her job involves to ensure the smooth operation of Migros' transport logistics.