Enterprising by nature

As a general contractor with more than eighty employees, FMC Logistics Transport, develops and implements tailor-made transport and logistics solutions for the companies of the Migros Group. It also provides its transport, consultancy and management services to third parties within Switzerland. Its core competencies include, firstly, the organization, implementation and optimization of national and international transport in relation to procurement and distribution logistics. Secondly, FMC Logistics Transport manages and administers Switzerland's largest pool of standardized reusable equipment, including reusable plastic containers, pallets and pallet frames, for the smooth flow of goods within the Migros Group. With around four hundred carriage-loads by rail and some thousand trucks on the road every day, FMC Logistics Transport is one of Switzerland's most capable and modern logistics and transport enterprises.

Sustainable journeys

Migros as a whole has an ambitious target: As part of the 2020 Climate and Energy strategy it intends to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20 percent, which is twice as much as the figure required by the Swiss Federal Council.  Migros transport logistics makes an important contribution to this, and as part of the sustainability program "Generation M", has promised to remain the biggest customer of SBB Cargo. Every day we demonstrate that sustainability and transport efficiency are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, in transport logistics it is rather the case that sustainability can be turned into hard cash through clever planning and continuous optimization. 



En route for you since 1925

The great success that Migros enjoys today as Switzerland's leading retailer would never have been possible without intelligent transport and logistics solutions. To ensure that the country has a ready supply of goods, Migros, in its whole history of nearly one hundred years, has never been afraid to adopt unusual approaches. These have included solutions that were both ingenious and original, such as its own ocean-going fleet in the war years, the legendary Migros mobile shop, and smart software based on the behavior of ants.