Customs clearance

Our services

  • Import customs clearance at all border crossings and locations in Switzerland, with the status of Authorized Consignee (AC) at various approved locations.
  • Additional services such as monitoring of tariff quotas and payments of duty on a net basis
  • Administration of an open customs warehouse (OCW)
  • Advice on obtaining permits for inward or outward processing arrangements
  • Customs tariff classification and obtaining binding tariff information
  • Fiduciary controlling and accounting of customs duties
  • Customs advice relating to place of origin and free trade agreements 
  • Processing additional customs claims and complaints
  • Communication with the customs authorities


Our locations

  •  Birsfelden: Head office, quota control, administration, customs clearance of the entire range of products for all distribution centers
  •  Border crossing Basel-St. Louis :  Border customs clearance for fresh produce of all kinds
  •  Suhr: Customs clearance of food products as an Authorized Consignee (AC)
  •  Neuendorf: Customs clearance of near-food and non-food and frozen products as an Authorized Consignee (AC)


Sending in the customs papers

Please send us the complete customs documents for your import shipments in advance by email as early as possible. Only in this way can we ensure a smooth and efficient customs declaration.

Phone:   +41 61 319 80 81