Customs clearance

Our strong team of customs clearance agents ensure that the duties on your imports are paid correctly and on time, practically round the clock. You do not have to worry about (almost) anything. We just need the full customs documents from you in advance by email, and then with the help of the modular customs software "PowerSuite" we ensure a smooth, efficient and cost-effective customs clearance – as we do over 30,000 times a year. As standard, we always declare textiles at their net weight, and initially arrange for only a temporary customs clearance if there are incorrectly issued or missing documents. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge for the customs clearance of fresh produce such as cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables, and for the settlement of quotas. If on making a customs declaration the authorities request a spot-check of goods as to quantity and/or quality, we coordinate this customs inspection. At the end of the procedure the Administration Department ensures that the customs fees are assigned to the correct cost center, and monitors any drawback of duties in the case of provisional customs clearance.


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