FMC Logistics Transport offers you a variety of useful additional services in the area of controlling. Upon request we evaluate the transportation carried out on your behalf in detail and regularly provide you with keys figures and reports. For example we can provide the following:

Financial controlling

  • Earnings performance
  • Cost development per pallet / route / destination

Performance controlling

  • Quantity of jobs / pallets / destinations
  • The actual/target deviation between the planned and effective number of pallets
  • The filling level of vehicles on average / per weekday
  • Transport performance in pallet kilometers
  • Transported quantity per day / week / month / year
  • Number of vehicles used
  • Kilometers driven on routes

The environment and carbon footprint

For FMC Logistics Transport ecological responsibility means making the flow of goods and processes as environmentally friendly as possible with the help of a modern controlling system. The logistics sector in particular can make a huge difference by engaging in environmental practices. Our declared aim is to make this development happen and to take part in the frontline:

  • We use our transport capacities in the best way and thereby avoid empty vehicle kilometers.
  • We protect the environment through an intelligent choice of route and the optimal use of resources.
  • We try to use rail as far as possible instead ofthe roads.
  • We offer transport options that deliver both economic and environmental benefits, such as combined transport.
  • We use reusable containers.
  • We are happy to draw up a CO2 footprint on request.


Contact us

If you have questions on the topic of controlling, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone:   +41 44 277 31 99