Combined Transport

Maritime transport

More than ninety percent of the overseas deliveries that arrive by container in Switzerland are transported directly by rail to the Migros distribution centers from the various northern and southern ports. Our specialists coordinate the volume planning with the carriers and railway operators, monitor the timely forwarding from the ports and inland depots, match up the timed delivery with the goods receipt, and organize the return of the empty containers to the container depot. Urgent deliveries are prioritized, and in an emergency situation are quickly diverted to road. 

Continental transport

As an attractive alternative to transport by truck, especially for heavy loads, goods are routed via combined transport, for example from Northern Italy and Germany. In this case, goods are transported by road from the factory to the nearest railway terminal. But most of the route in Switzerland is covered by the fast overnight rail. Delivery to the Migros distribution centers is again done by road, or on request we can also deliver containers, trailers and swap bodies directly by rail. Because this option increases the weight limit from 40 to 44 metric tonnes, compared to road transport, ten percent more weight can be transported at the same price. This is kind on the wallet and the environment.


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