Combined transport

Today traffic jams are one of the annoying, time-consuming and costly side effects on Swiss national roads. As there are more and more traffic jams and no end to this development seems to be in sight, FMC Logistics Transport, together with its transport Partners, is looking for solutions to avoid traffic jams and waiting periods wherever possible. Besides optimally planning the operating periods of the drivers, such a breaks during rush hour, combined transport (CT) in particular offers a sensible alternative. While bottlenecks in road traffic can be conveniently bypassed by train, pre- and post-rail hauls can be precisely handled on the road.

Congested road – open rail

It is often not possible to keep to agreed arrival and departure times during the morning and evening rush hours. Accordingly, vehicles that leave late in the afternoon from Volketswil and are supposed to arrive in Lausanne on the same day need to expect at least one additional hour of travel. This was not the case two or three years ago. In the past ten years the amount of traffic jam hours has doubled on the A1 according to the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). Combined transport (CT) is therefore increasingly becoming a good alternative to transport solely by road and will continue to gain in importance.

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The whole of Switzerland – closely connected

With terminals throughout the whole of Switzerland and more than 150 scheduled connections, mostly overnight, SBB Cargo has createt a wide-ranging network for combined transport (CT). Due to economic and environmental reasons we will be using CT more in the future so as to reliably transport the goods entrusted to us on time, even in complicated traffic conditions.

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